Troy Vending is the largest independent operator of amusement vending equipment in the Phoenix
metropolitan area. We have been operating in the valley for over 35 years offering a full line of
equipment and games, including a wide variety of new and classic pinball machines. Troy Vending
is a leader in sound entertainment providing sound systems designed for individual locations and
powered by state of the art digital downloading juke boxes.

Service is available from 9am until midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In the Phoenix metro
area, same day service is provided with our goal being a two hour response time.

Amusement games are rotated regularly based on type of equipment, time in location and revenue
reports. Routine maintenance and applicable software updates are also performed regularly.

Troy Vending provides all supplies such as cue sticks, cue chalk, pool balls, lamps and dart supplies.
Cue sticks are premium quality with glue on ferrules and tips. Pool tables are recovered on a regular
schedule with a wide variety of colored cloth available at no additional cost.

Collections are performed at the location on a bi-weekly basis. The location is advised on the day
and time their representative will collect the account and meters are used on all equipment to
insure accuracy.

Troy Vending is proud to offer our customers the best in dart and pool leagues with 100% of the
fees collected being returned to the players in awards and banquets. Scott North, our League
Director is highly respected by players, manufacturers and organizational groups within the dart
industry and has over 30 years of experience organizing, operating and promoting leagues.
We offer in-house and traveling leagues, as well as assistance in organizing and promoting
tournaments. All league and tournament material including posters, bracket sheets and rules
are provided at no extra cost.

Troy Vending is a member of MOA, AMOA, VNEA, BCA, NDA, and an associate member of ALBA.

We appreciate you considering us as your vendor. If you have any other questions, please contact
us by phone at 602-265-0178 or email.